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Travis & Co Events is a premier entertainment and hens night company, specializing in creating unforgettable experiences for events like hens nights, birthday parties, and mobile bar services across Melbourne and other major Australian cities.


The goal was to better optimize the Google Ads campaigns for Travis & Co Events hens night packages and mobile bar packages by revamping their existing campaigns and setting up proper conversion tracking for our search ads.

Previous Google Ads Problems

Poor Conversion Tracking

There was no accurate tracking previously set up so the client was running ads without attributing conversions from their Google Ads campaigns, making it difficult to measure ROI and optimize campaign performance effectively.

Low Conversion Rates

Travis & Co Events struggled to convert ad clicks into meaningful actions such as inquiries or bookings, indicating potential issues with ad messaging, targeting, or landing page effectiveness.

How It Started

Initial 5-6 months results were sensational after we’ve implemented solid conversion tracking, improved cost per clicks which led to better conversion rates, and implemented new campaigns structure leading to 95 leads for $34/conversion.

Summer 2023 -
Strong Summer Season Conversions

Summer 2023

Over the last recent Summer 2023, we’ve had great results obtained for Travis & Co where we managed to have 83 conversions in as low as 4-5 months and by ONLY spending $2,46K making it their most successful summer yet.

Overall Results

During the last 2 years we’ve had the pleasure of skyrocketing Travis & Co Events Google Ads into new heights. So far we’ve managed to have 380 conversions through only spending $14.5k in Ads. This means they have generated a lead every other day, for less than a $600/month ad spend!

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Travis & Co

Raf has been looking after my business in terms of google ads development and business strategy development for multiple years now. Can certainly say he is the best in the business and has delivered amazing results for our events business. He will go above and beyond your expectations.

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